Holiday Baskets

Basket Info For over 80 years, the Burbank Coordinating Council has been helping Burbank families in need. In today’s economic times, we need even more community support than ever for our volunteer-run, Holiday Basket Program. Each year, through our partnership with organizations and members of the community, we supply Holiday baskets to over 550 families whose children are on the free or reduced-cost lunch programs in our schools. The program matches up needy families in our community with individuals, families, and organizations that are willing to adopt families by providing them with food for the Holidays and gifts for their children. The Coordinating Council supplies baskets for all of the families that are not adopted (over 200 in 2018). For many, this is the only holiday the family will have….

We have many families in need of adoption and we need additional donors. You can also help by donating gift certificates, food or toys. We are also looking for additional volunteers interested in helping to deliver baskets donated by others and we offer Service Learning Hours for teens for school credit.

If you or your organization would like to help brighten the Holidays for a needy family in our community, please contact us at CCHolidayBaskets@AOL.COM or call us at 818-216-9377.   Our Holiday Basket Citywide food drives are scheduled for October 12th, Nov.16th, and December 7th from 10 am to 6 pm, packing foods on Wed. December 11th from 3-8 pm at Little White Chapel, and moving the bags to build baskets at Burbank High School (parking garage off 3rd St) is Friday, December 13th from 3:30-8 pm, with our all-important delivery day on Saturday, December 14th from 7 am to 4 pm at Burbank High School (parking garage off 3rd St again).      You can find more information on the forms at the bottom of this page. Applications are available at the front office of every Burbank public school, at the Burbank School District office at Student Services, and if you email us, we will send you one. Sorry it is not posted on the site, but easily available. Call us? 818-216-9377

Thank you for considering the opportunity to reach out and help others….it feels so good to be a Holiday Basket donor…..join us.