Burbank Coordinating Council

What Does The Council Do?

We meet regularly since 1933 to share events, activities and programs that benefit our Burbank community.

Members include service organizations, churches and synagogues, studios, scout troops, PTA and PTSAs, Burbank Unified School District, City of Burbank and departments, businesses, and of course individuals and families.

Of the many programs and organizations that had their beginning with Burbank Coordinating Council we have retained only two:

In 1936, with a starter fund from the Burbank Noon Kiwanis, we began the Summer Camp Program. This program allows children of lower income a week at summer resident or day-camp. Annually we send 100 to camps.

In 1946, in coordination with The Bureau of Public Assistance, the Christmas Basket Program was created. In 1996 the name was changed to “Holiday Basket Pro-gram” We coordinate with Churches, PTAs, Studios, Individuals, Businesses, Clubs, City Offices Family Service Agency, and BTAC to provide Holiday Baskets of food and toys to low income families with school age children. We have served over 2600 people annually.

With your help and interest, we will continue for many years to come!